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The Game Starts Now.


Hope is lost. The galaxy is sick as war rages across it frontiers. The war is colored by a struggle between ideals. Between opinion of border, consensus on technology and distributions of resources. A struggle of and for control of The Sectors.

Amidst this, the crew of the lone scout, Little Star™, must manoeuvre their way through the conflict and the unknowns and the of very deepest of space. Meanwhile the Crew's Patron is providing missions that may unlock required achievement. Unlocking the secret of the The Sectors.

The war engulfing the The Sectors is waged by two factions. One whose purpose it is to bring order and prosperity to its citizens, the other to rule by vile intent. Initially unaligned, the crew must determine which or whether to take a side, for the secrets of the universe run much deeper than this human conflict and sometimes even simple diplomacy can reign.

This game universe is created by the user's device, injecting real-time, real-world coordinates into a Massive Multiplayer Universe. It will not run unless all location and wifi features are activated.

Through using the ships jump feature the player is transported to their current real-world coordinates. Real-world features are mapped into the game as artefacts or celestial bodies. Destroying or collecting these progress game play.

Ultimately, although not concluding game play, Little Star™ can discover uncover and defend the existence of humanity or… just blow the frack out of asteroids.

The current alpha version of Little Star ™ features all the campaign elements of the final release sans the MMMU module.

Getting started

Download Alpha 1.0 of Little Star ™ from Google Play ™ here.

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