Bugs and Issues

Here is where you can tell us about the annoying things that get in the way of you fulfilling your mission, playing the game smoothly or having better fun.

The Little Star manifest is the heart of the game…

How did you find it? Was it easy to use? Intuitive to navigate. Did you level up to an Alien Drive? How many slaves and cities did you capture? We want to know you thoughts on this integral machine that drives the game. Click on the heading and tell us what you think.

Does the storyline excite you?

Have we created an exciting universe with endless opportunities? Do you have the stamina to finish the game. What were your achievements? What was awesome? What sucked? Tell us by clicking on the subject heading what you think could help this game be even more awesome.

What do you think of the game controls?

So you’re loaded up with fuel and brave enough to venture forth from home base. What missions will you decide to do? How many asteroids will you  obliterate? Let us know if you have any difficulties in manoeuvring, getting around and generally being able to blow stuff up. We want to know what you think and any improvements you can suggest. Please click on the heading to give us your feedback.

Give us your feedback on the universe mapping

So you’re ready to explore the multiverse. Populated with a myriad of exotic planets, and asteroids generated by your surrounding wi-fi points! Shoot them all. Here is where your feedback will be invaluable. We want to know what you think of how this mapping works for you and any improvements you can suggest.  Click on the heading to give us your comments.